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Nobody beats MG Photo Vision on quality and price

We at MG Photo Vision take our time to capture those special and treasured moments for you with our professional and creative videography and photography services. We specialize in Asian wedding photography and cinematography and we offer services that are custom tailored and unique for each wedding and individual client's needs and likes. You tell us what you want and that is exactly what we give you. Our services are carefully tailored to meet each of your expectations, no matter how large or intimate your wedding is.

Our Asian wedding photographers use the latest technology in photography. We use the professional digital SLR cameras that offer the clearest and brightest digital pictures available presently. Our Asian Indian wedding photography will not only stun you, your family and friends, but it will also leave in your possession an elegant album that captures all the important moments of your wedding day.

We also offer Asian wedding cinematography where we take, edit, and create wonderful videos of your big day. Our Asian wedding videographers produce creatively and marvellously shot, unobtrusive and steady video from which we carefully edit, giving attention to every detail, to make it a great motion menu DVD. Using our modern standard and high definition video cameras, we deliver a timeless record of every event on your big day. Our main mission is always to help you keep the memories of your wedding day alive.

At MG Photo Vision, we also offer pre wedding photography which offers you a fantastic opportunity to get used to the camera. This shoot is perfect for camera shy couples as it helps in lifting confidence and making you feel relaxed. The pre wedding shoot also gives our photographers and you a chance to bond and know each other better. We get to know your likes and dislikes which helps us improve the photography and videogrpahy on your wedding day. It is upon you to choose the location for your pre wedding shoot but we can also suggest some beautiful locations that will bring out the beauty and memories of the day. We also offer pre wedding videography where we take videos and carefully edit them to produce a fantastic copy of the marvellous moments of that day. These videos can be shown on the giant plasma screen to entertain your guest during your wedding or reception. We offer pre wedding packages on their own or as full package together with the wedding shoot.

Our main objective is to clearly show all the different emotions captured during your special day: from excitement and love, to the fun and laughter, we ensure that our photography shows it all.


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